Clubhouse Membership

What is a clubhouse membership?

A membership with the clubhouse is simply a means of helping to support the mission of the clubhouse. With your membership, you receive a fob allowing you access to the downstairs area of the building. There is a room for sponsorship work, a kitchenette, and a sitting area for relaxing and fellowship.

Membership dues are vital to the financial health of the clubhouse. An annual membership is $75 per person. Collections from the meeting rentals are important, however, the membership dues cover the shortages for the Clubhouse's operating costs.

Our vision is to create a safe and sober gathering place for fellowship and meetings.

The How it Works Clubhouse is a non-profit facility that provides space for AA and Al-Anon meetings. It is not necessary to be a member of the clubhouse to attend a meeting. As with any meeting, “There are no dues or fees…”

Interested in joining?

  1. Please fill out the online application, download the printable application, or find the Membership Application forms at the clubhouse.
  2. Once the form is accurately filled in, you can drop it in the clubhouse Dropbox Locker (located in the ladies restroom)
  3. Be sure to include a check for the annual membership fee of $75 (make check payable to How It Works Clubhouse).
  4. New applications take 2-3 weeks to process.
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Download Printable Membership Application
For further inquiries regarding membership, please send us an email at