About the How It Works Clubhouse

  1. Our facility is a meeting place for AA and AlAnon 12-step groups.

  2. It is a non-profit supported by rental fees, donations and clubhouse memberships. Clubhouse memberships help provide fellowship events and gatherings for our sober community.

  3. The operation and maintenance of the clubhouse is overseen by a volunteer-based member-elected Board of Trustees.

  4. The Clubhouse respects AA Twelve Traditions and abides by the AA Guidelines: Relationship Between AA and Clubs.

  5. This site is provided by the Board of Trustees of the How It Works Clubhouse and is intended to be a source of information about AA at the How It Works Clubhouse. This site is neither reviewed nor endorsed by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

History of the Clubhouse


The Clubhouse property was donated by generous benefactors in 2011.


A ground breaking ceremony was held in July 2012 after countless hours of Town Meetings, legal filings, meetings with civil engineers, town officials and lawyers.

The renovation work began in earnest with many volunteers donating their skill sets and labor to transform this once single-family home into our sober community's first AA/AlAnon Clubhouse.


As with most AA clubhouses, the How It Works Clubhouse was formed as a non-profit. A small group of 7 individuals formed our first Board of Trustees

This board would meet weekly to establish required by-laws, membership guidelines, and setting the groundwork for a successful future.

The first AA meeting was held at the clubhouse on a Saturday night. Today there are 12 AA and AlAnon meetings held 2 or 3 times daily.

There are volunteer committees working on several aspects of managing and operating this facility which include a treasury, events planning, and grounds/facility maintenance.

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